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“It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us, and there is them. The highness, and those just getting by. Those we trust, and those we try to avoid. There’s the new Danes, and those who’ve always been here. The people from the country side, and those who’ve never seen a cow. The religious and the self-confident. There are those we share something with, and those we don’t share anything with.” 

But this ad shows that everything doesn’t have to be this ‘black and white’, cause soon these boxed up groups start to blend. In this powerful social experiment our differences are easily washed away by simple questions such as: Who was the funny kid in class? Who saved a life? Who has been bullied? Who loves to dance? And who just loves Denmark?

In a time where refugees are settling in new countries and war, uncertainty, conflicts, and horrifying presidential decisions are dominating media, we need to be reminded of how much we actually have in common. We need to open up to each other and not judge people by their skin tone, choice of clothing, job description or place of origin. We share so much, don’t ever forget that.

A week after the Danish version was released in Denmark, the english version of the ad went global on January 27th, and the timing couldn’t have been better:

“Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as well as the day President Donald Trump released an executive order blocking citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugees program for four months“, this ad is exactly “What the World needs to remember now more than ever” The Huffington Post Canada.

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Stine Franker Holm

Press and Project Manager at Goodvertising Agency