Missing child lock screens

BRAND Save The Children / MADE BY Cheil HK


In China, 200,000 children go missing every year. That’s one child EVERY 3 minutes. Every time a child goes missing, time is of the essence. But by law, the child needs to be gone for 24 hours just to be listed as missing. By that time, it’s normally too late. With millions of smartphone users in China, the agency wanted to help out even before the authorities can do anything. Using location-based technology, the agency created ‘Missing Child’ Lock Screens—a mobile app that unlocks the power of every smartphone to form an instant community watch—the MOMENT a child goes missing. In an emergency, you simply press the S.O.S. button. A preset picture of your child is then sent instantly to thousands of lock screens in the vicinity. If someone spots the missing child, they simply press the ‘report’ button on the lock screen. The location of the sighting—together with a contact of the person—will be sent to the parent. By harnessing the collective power of smartphones, help is now at your fingertips the moment it’s needed the most.

Over 80,000 downloads in one month. That’s 80,000 instant search volunteers forming a real-time community watch.



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