Coors Light – Aiming to Chill… with a Twist


With 2022 falling into one of the top 10 hottest years, simply cracking a cold one won’t provide respite from the swelter. Coors Light, the beer brand, has introduced ‘Chillboards,’; a new ad campaign that aims to decrease the temperature in apartment buildings by placing ads on their roofs.

By painting giant, sunlight-reflecting advertisements on top of Miami apartment buildings, they manage to cool the surface temperature of the roofs by as much as fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

More common black roofs absorb much of the sun’s rays and act as a heater for the below rooms. The white roofs reflect much of the sun’s rays and are therefore able to stay relatively cool.

Using words and phrases such as “Ads nobody can see, but everyone can feel.” The chosen font for the rooftop writing is called ‘Coolest’ and it enables the brand to cover close to the entirety (96%) of roofs’ surface areas in the reflective paint. Check it out below:


Andi Hicks