Greenwashers Beware!

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Empty promises are rife these days with every brand claiming to be a saint one way or another. Our founder, Thomas Kolster, highlights the problem with this in his book The Hero Trap. Greenwashing is not only a manipulative tactic to get consumers to buy into cover-ups, it is also a straight up lie that goes without any consequence… Until now.

Sustainability review platform is taking on brands that create a spectacle around their green credentials and subsequent empty promises.

With a catchy song (that really sticks in your head for days after), ‘Stop the Wash’ doesn’t just highlight just some of the 120 hollow claims that brands spew out – it’s a clever stunt that copyrighted each of these slogans, ensuring that the companies who use these without evidence are subject to be smacked with a lawsuit.

Some of these phrases include ‘our mission is green,’ ‘starting green’, ‘green starts here’, ‘our fuelling is clean’, and ‘be the future’.

In a recent podcast with Ad Age Goodvertising Founder, Thomas Kolster, commented.

“There is just so much purpose nonsense out there,” Kolster said. This ad “talks to a lot of the cynicism that a lot of us are feeling in this space. I think we love that brands are standing up and solving some of society’s challenges, but I think it’s just authenticity that is the issue so often.”

Check it out and enjoy below: