Fireworks From Aleppo

BRAND Amnesty International / MADE BY Uncle Grey Denmark

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For many people Aleppo seems far away, and it’s difficult to comprehend what exactly is happening in Syria these days. Living in, Denmark, one of the so called ‘happiest’ countries in the world, it is especially hard to understand how it must be to live every day in a war zone, just hoping to survive the bombs falling everywhere around you. But without even thinking about it we actually get a small taste of the chaos taking place in the middle east every New Years Eve.

To increase awareness about the situation in Syria, Amnesty International made an acoustic recreation of a Danish New Year’s Eve using actual sounds of the bombardment of Aleppo, Syria. This recording was broadcasted across Denmark in the days following New Year’s Eve 2017.

It’s scary how much the sounds resemble harmless fireworks. What do you think?

Featured image by Anadolu Images, brought in the Daily Mail in June 2016. 

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Stine Franker Holm

Press and Project Manager at Goodvertising Agency