#WombPainStories: A next step and great step!


Every brand would like to think that their work has changed lives but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In this instance, however, This next step in the #wombstories campaign for Essity, by AMV BBDO London, has been changing the lives of women around the world in a new and meaningful way and is highly likely to transform how the medical fraternity perceive and react to women’s pain.


Cannes Lions Jury President Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB, said, “This work is going to teach women about their bodies and this work is going to teach doctors about women’s bodies, and for us (the jury) that was exceptional. We actually felt that we could see medical books being rewritten because of this campaign.” Little wonder why this campaign walked off into the sunset with 6 Titanium Lions and the Grand Prix for Film.


Watch Part 2 of this exciting and groundbreaking case:





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