Caira: A New Future For Joint Replacement


Everyone would like to think that their work is one of a kind from time to time. But Caira is. Caira, brainchild of Jon Greenwald (CEO & Co-Founder), Irina Benimovich (CFO & Co-Founder) and Colin Forsyth (Creative Director), is the first and only radar surgical navigation system in the world. In very real terms, it’s re-designing the future of navigation and robotics for joint replacement.

Currently, tech on the market is exorbitantly priced, bulky, and highly complex. A set of challenges that’s a reality because of design. Caira, on the other hand, pays great attention to design detail. It aims to add value to easing surgical workflows and aims to be easily integrated into hospital and ambulatory settings. The innovators views are that patients deserve fewer incisions, less opioid use, more improved implant positioning, better implant longevity, much shorter length of stay, and of course, reduced revision rates.

Goodvertising verdict: an outstanding initiative that can be a sincere life-changer.


Caira joint replacement tech that is innovative, reliable, intuitive, efficient and affordable. article by Nobantu Modise