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“to inspire, promote and federate the actors of the advertising communications industry around social responsibility and sustainable development and to share good practices”.

This is the main mission of ACT Responsible, an international non profit association who have stood in solidarity as the Advertising Community Together since 2001, in the wake of the 9-11 bombings.


In a world where we seek connection more than ever, these creative pieces take us out of our comfortable bubbles and into ourselves and other peoples’ perspectives. Offering pro-bono work, advising clients on their business strategy around doing good or responsible branding and much more, they show that hope can be found in even the most devastating of circumstances, and the possibility to use the power of advertising to pull together and build a better, more aware world.

Managed by a group of volunteers, they run around 12 exhibitions per year, appearing at Cannes Lions and the CARE Awards, all of which our very own Thomas Kolster is a partner and partakes in the judging – see their gallery of good ads here to get a taste.

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Isabel Irwin

Ex-Press and Project Manager at Goodvertising Agency