Thailand make seed bombs to fight deforestation

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Creativity is about taking a new look at the world around you and that’s exactly what this initiative has done. Seed bombing – a valuable weapon in fighting widespread deforestation. Thailand’s ‘seed bombing’ initiative uses planes to plant millions of trees. Technology originally developed for military purposes is being transformed and put to peaceful use toward fighting the effects of deforestation. The method used involves mixing seed with soil in “seed balls” that can be dropped from planes and scattered throughout a designated area.

The five-year Thailand initiative was created to replant deforested areas with local tree varieties. The Royal Thai Air Force loaded the seed bombs into a plane and dropped them over 5,000 rai of a wildlife sanctuary in Phitsanulok province. In the 20th century, Masanobu Fukuoka, an advocate of “Do Nothing Farming,” popularized the idea. A wonderful concept and I can only hope this would be followed by others soon.



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