Diesel’s Global Warming Campaign


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Thirteen years ago- yes, thirteen! Fashion- label Diesel released a “global warming ready” campaign. The series of images depicted a canal-free Venice, with bone- dry ground littered by people and parrots. Other frames depicted cities like New York, Rio de Janeiro and London as sunny, tropical and completely submerged in water. Then there was the impressionable “summer with the penguins in Antarctica” image. Points for that one, Diesel! It, surprisingly enough, looked very appealing but is, for obvious reasons, terribly disturbing. The tone of the overall campaign:  trendy, bold, unfettered- very Diesel.



A decade ago this inspired mixed-reactions. Climate deniers saw the series as frames of attention-seeking melodrama. Believers found the series to be somewhat provocative but necessary. But overall the scenarios were wholly unimaginable. Come on… who in their right mind can trek the Great Wall of China and see all 21 196 km of ancient engineering buried in golden sands? We at Goodvertising have powerful imaginations but even that is a stretch for us! Fast-forward to today when drastic changes are being experienced in ecosystems around the world and climate-apartheid is more overt and worrisome than ever. It’s abundantly clear that Diesel didn’t just possess a sense of foresight on all matters style (we really would recommend that bikini to summer in the Antarctica by the way) but they also possessed the foresight that echos the calls of the global clock urging us all to change our ways. And that we must do… change!

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