Goodvertising Awards Winner 2020: “Pay it Forward”

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How many times have we heard that “print is dead”, “print is outdated” and other similar sentiments that undermine the power and importance of this medium? Pay it forward, a campaign by The Big Issue (UK) and FCB Inferno, scooped a 2020 Goodvertising Award for being “a breath of fresh air for an important, yet dying medium”.


Pay it forward is the world’s first resellable print magazine. It’s simple, easy to follow system smartly embodies the principles of a mini-circular economy where one can purchase a copy, read it, then resell it with the initial vendor bagging an income from each transaction.

More fascinatingly, this cycle can repeat itself for as long as different people choose to keep reselling their copy. Making this a solution that effectively minimises waste, excessive consumption and assists with income generation, directly. We at Goodvertising find this project commendable from multiple vantage points, more so because it restores human dignity and results in the financial inclusion of those living in poverty, whilst being good for planet and profit.


Keep an eye out for a special interview with Jury Chairman and Founder of Goodvertising, Thomas Kolster and these special campaign winners. In the meantime, do watch this video on this special initiative:







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