IKEA UK’s New Step to Being More Circular

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Swedish furniture-manufacturing giant, IKEA, made the claim that they will be 100% circular by 2030 as a way of reducing their environmental impact. A bold claim and very good intentions; which it appears they are taking steps towards making good on. Recently, IKEA UK officially released disassembly instructions for six of their most popular items. Namely, the BILLY bookcase, BRIMNES bed, LYCKSELE sofa bed, MALM desk, PAX wardrobe, and POÄNG chair.


Various YouTubers, however, have been sharing tips for years on how to disassemble IKEA products so how is this any different? The answer lies in the fact that apart from now being able to download disassembly instructions, you can also find and order spare parts on IKEA UK’s site, free of charge.

‘extending the life of your furniture with our disassembly Instructions is one of the ways we’re building on our commitment to sustainability,’ remarks IKEA. ‘no matter whether you’re moving home, giving your furniture away or selling it. taking it apart correctly reduces the risk of damage, and reduces its impact on the environment. fortune favors the frugal.’



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