The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle


It appears the usual pattern, which has scarcely been noticed, has been that medication makes us better but makes the earth sick. How so? Because after completing our courses of medication we throw away the packaging, assuming it would be recycled or responsibly disposed of but much of this has ended up in landfills and ocean dumps- devastating the earth and marine life. Thanks to a simple, but exciting, initiative called “The Prescription Paper Bottle”, this has been changing. This earth-friendly design substitute for plastic pill bottles has been created and, most excitingly, is an open-source solution that any pharmacy can download free to use at will.



Goodvertising Verdict: An excellent initiative that’s bringing change to the earth and pharmaceutical industry, especially at a time when the whole world is restructuring its public health systems and all citizens are being forced to consider the repercussions of our lifestyles.









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