#CoffeeAndGoodvertising with VRTU



At D&AD Festival in London, 2017, Thomas Kolster spotted this great VR initiative called VRTU.

VRTU is a VR company battling dementia with an app that takes an innovative approach to Reminiscence Therapy using Virtual Reality. The app is built in consultation with experts in dementia care and based on existing research regarding the benefits of Reminiscence Therapy, such as enhanced cognition, communication, and wellbeing. Users can choose from a wide range of experiences designed to unlock memories and stimulate cognition in a much more cost-effective and convenient way than the normal approaches to Reminiscence Therapy.

In this edition of #CoffeeAndGoodvertising, the warm spring weather in London brought Thomas and the two founders of VRTU, Scott Gorman & Arfa Rehman, outside in the sun. Check out the inspiring interview and find out what drove two young students to found this groundbreaking social impact company.

Follow VRTU on twitter: @VRTU_tech or Facebook: @vrtutech, and if your interest is sparked, then check out vrtu.org for more information.



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