Goodvertising or Badvertising Episode 1


Welcome to the first episode of “Goodvertising or badvertising” with Thomas Koster!


Thomas Kolster, Founder and CEO of Goodvertising Agency is mostly known as “Mr Goodvertising”. He’s also the author of the pioneering books, Goodvertising and The Hero Trap. He’s judged every global award show there is in the advertising industry. But in this new web series, we get to see some of his unfiltered thoughts. He could be likened to the Gordon Ramsay of advertising. Happy to applaud excellence but pissed off about things that just aren’t good enough; and he’s not afraid to speak up about it!

“Goodvertising or badvertising” takes “do-good” campaigns that everybody is talking about under a microscope, making this space for us to collectively save the world one ad at a time. Yes, you saw right. Either the ad is so damn good, so it’s goodvertising – or because quite frankly, we’re doing the world a favour by never having to see such a bad ad again; badvertising!

You can love it or hate it, but share your voice, your thoughts: Goodvertising or badvertising? New episodes will be rolling out bi-weekly on Thursdays.


Enjoy the first episode:



Goodvertising is a book, but equally a movement to unlock the world-bettering power of brands